• Overcome water utility challenges
    with the PI System

                                     With the PI System, you can proactively manage real-time data to optimize your operations.                                                                   
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  • OSIsoft’s PI Vision puts the power of data at your fingertips. It’s easy to create dashboards and displays through your browser by dragging and dropping in your content. Sharing is simple, making it easier to collaborate and share insights.

  • Historias de clientes

  • Water-Sabesp.jpg


    Operational Efficiency
    Increased customer satisfaction from 67% to 84%.


    City of Salem

    análisis predictivo
    Developed a model for predicting algae blooms in the Detroit Lake.

  • Water-WhiteHouse.jpg

    White House Utilities District

    Leak Detection
    Recovered $900k worth of water in two years.


    Colorado Springs Utilities

    Optimization and Cost Reduction
    Reduced resource allocation and vehicle usage by 30% each.

  • Accelerate your learning

    With academic articles and papers showing the value of the PI System in the Water Industry

  • WaterResearchReport.jpg

    Water research report

    Find out how to maximize IT/OT data for water utilities.


    Wastewater worst case scenarios

    Learn how data can help avoid regulatory fines and reduce costs.


    IOT and water

    Discover how big data is transforming the water industry.

  • Conocer a nuestro equipo

    We have a highly qualified staff with distinguished significant experiences in their field.

  • DanielChaves.png

    Daniel Chaves

    Water industry champion
    Asia-Pacific pre-sales engineer


    Graeme Fukuda

    Water industry champion
    North America pre-sales engineer

  • BrunoSquassoni.png

    Bruno Squassoni

    Water industry champion
    LATAM pre-sales engineer


    Gary Wong

    Global water industry

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